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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Parts of Speech Paragraph

AFTER having attempted to identify the parts of speech in the paragraph on the worksheet, check your answers against this key, in order to find out if you were right.

The fundamental question is, are children capable of understanding the consequences of their actions?  Maybe not; recent studies suggest that the brain's prefontal lobe, which some scientists speculate plays a crucial role in inhibiting inappropriate behavior, may not reach full development until age 20.


If you are unsure why something is what it is, please post a question by commenting to this post.  If you can answer someone else's question, you might receive a reward from me when I see you next class.

If after completing this activity, you feel that you need additional review, please consider studying some more.  You might make flashcards out of the terms and definitions, look at other sentences and try to identify the parts, or play a game like this one. Or you can review with online flashcards.  If you have any other good ideas for how to study, please share by posting a comment to this post... I might reward you.

Lastly, if you have any friends who might "forget" to study, I encourage you to text/ facebook/ call them and remind them to do so.


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